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S.S.C.Music is a boutique record label operating out of north Essex, based at the the 'Music Shack' mixing studio. We offer a mixing/production facility for local bands and a package of assistance in getting their music out there.

We currently have a single act on the books. A three piece Rock n Roll/Rhythm n Blues act, Johnny One Eye, who are now finishing their, as yet to be named, third album.

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This album is a development in the band's identity and style, bringing an injection of subtle to the lyrics and sophistication to the music. Ten original songs to showcase a left-field take on the world and all the madness within. Another chapter in the unstoppable rock 'n' roll railroad train that is, Johnny One Eye.

We are putting together live promotional shows for this imminent release, so check out the bands website for more information and sample Johnny One Eye's back-catalogue at their website, and all reputable webstores and streaming services.

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